About Us

Strategic communications planned and executed by GPS are a powerful, cost effective means of disseminating persuasive, credible, targeted messages to customers, voters, and other key audiences.  Our programs deliver a positive impact on your business in several ways:

GPS strategic communications programs are designed to support your business and legislative objectives.  Our programs…

  • Monitor legislative initiatives
  • Support direct government relations (lobbying) efforts
  • Create and maintain tailored issue management programs
  • Create, build and maintain  company/organizational image with key legislators, target groups and existing clients
  • Create and maintain positive public image
  • Build effective coalitions


GPS manages and disseminates information and key company messages.  We…

  • Create/maintain awareness of products/services and Issues
  • Explain, educate and persuade at a deeper level of comprehension
  • Create, build and maintain a positive image
  • Affect and change public perceptions and behavior


GPS will also….

  • Create goodwill and build relationships internally and externally
  • Articulate company policies and positions
  • Support and strengthen all additional company communication efforts

It’s really quite simple.  We pride ourselves in providing high-impact targeted communications. In other words, we focus our expertise on your issues and your target audience to help you- – market products, manage issues, and build strategic relationshipsGPS works to better position your company and increase bottom line gains. We believe effective communications should contribute to your long-term success.

Our value stems from our four core competencies — Strategic Planning and Counsel, Issue Management, and Market Development.

We leverage these competencies to deliver cost-effective, high-impact messages that address your needs and concerns.  Our program then extends to key audiences and outside influences including; shareholders, employees, local communities, and all branches of government domestically and internationally.

Global Political Solutions (GPS) takes a pragmatic, strategic approach to designing targeted programs.  We believe creativity is a valuable strategic tool, not an end unto itself.